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What are Designer Sheets?
Designer Sheets are available in several different metals and are often used for decorative or filter functions. Perforations of Stainless Steel Designer Sheets allow light, air, liquid, and sound to pass through its openings. Alloy 20 Designer Sheets has a mill, not shiny, finish, and is available with punches in various sizes and shapes. Duplex Steel Designer Sheets can be cut in various ways, from hand tools called tin snips to very large powered shears. By means of the advances in technology, Super Duplex Steel Designer Sheets cutting has turned to computers for precise cutting. Inconel Designer Sheets cutting operations are based on computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting or multi-tool CNC punch press. Monel Designer Sheets has a large assortment of hold openings and spacing, allowing a wide selection of sizes to fit your application.

Nickel Alloy Designer Sheets are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to weld, cut, and form with the right equipment. Titanium Alloy Designer Sheets are non-hazardous when supplied in solid form because Beryllium has been completely dissolved into copper. General handling, stamping, forming, most machining operations, pickling, surface treatment, plating, and heat treatment in Tungsten Designer Sheets are non-hazardous and do not require special precautions.

ss sheet design is used in numerous architectural projects. These sheets can withstand high temperatures. They are durable and easy to maintain. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion and denting. Besides, they have a unique look that makes them suitable for many applications.

ss designer sheets are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The different types include patterned, brushed, and etched stainless steel. Among these, the patterned sheets are the most popular. Moreover, they are also known to have better strength than regular sheets.

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The etched stainless steel sheet is a product that is manufactured with a special process. This is done by coating the surface with a PVD vacuum coating. The result is a sheet that is shiny, tough, and reflective. It is often used in wall panels, window frames, and elevator panels. Apart from these uses, it can also use for household purposes.

Designer SS Sheets are used in automobile bodies, buildings, and other structures. Decorative stainless steel sheets are known for their high resistance to scratches, rust, and dents. Also, they can withstand acid attacks. Another reason why these sheets are so popular is that they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Besides being durable, these steel design sheet is available in various color options. They are also available in various finishes and textures. For instance, they are available with a mirror finish. In addition, they are commonly used for a wide range of decorative applications, including elevators, furniture, and signage systems.

Designer stainless steel sheet is made from austenitic materials such as nickel and chromium. These materials are forged to encourage resistance to the effects of acid attack. Besides, they have been carefully packaged to protect their safety. Besides being resistant to acids, these sheets are also very sturdy.

Besides the patterned and brushed finishes, Stainless Steel Designer Sheets are also in color-coated versions. These products are suitable for commercial and residential projects. Moreover, they are also ideal for various interior design applications. With a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, these sheets are perfect for contemporary architecture. Lastly, they are easily installed and can be easily maintained.

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Alloy 20 Designer Sheets are a type of steel composed of a nickel, iron and chromium alloy. Alloy 20 Designer Sheets are known for their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and resistance to stress corrosion cracking & pitting. These sheets also have good weldability & resistance to sulfuric acids as well as phosphoric acids.

Alloy 20 Designer Sheets are commonly used in chemical processing, food & beverage industry, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in marine, oil and gas, and other industrial applications where high corrosion resistance is required. They are also used in construction, piping, and other applications that require high strength as well as durability.

Alloy 20 Designer Sheets have many advantages, including excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and resistance to stress corrosion cracking & pitting. They also have good weldability & resistance to sulfuric and phosphoric acids, making them suitable for many applications which require high corrosion resistance.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Designer Sheet

Size 1220 mm * 2440 mm (max 4000)
Thickness 0.80 ~ 2.00 mm
Surface Plating Methods Ion Plating and Chemical Coloring.
Chemical Color Coating yellow, bronze, dark blue colors.
Ion Color Coating gold, brass, rose, black.
Grade 202,304 and 316

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