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Tungsten Round Bar and Rod

Tungsten Round Bars and Rods

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What are Tungsten Bars?
Tungsten Bars are a type of metal that is typically used for crafting. It is a hard metal that features good strength & high-temperature resistance. Tungsten Bars can be rolled, drawn, or flattened. They are then sintered and hardened to obtain their final shape. Unlike other metals, tungsten has a good amount of creep resistance. Moreover, it offers electrochemical corrosion resistance.

Tungsten Rods are also a type of material that is widely used for construction. They can be used in heat conductors and crankshafts. It has high strength & rigidity at high temperatures and can be combined with iron and copper. This makes it an ideal material for some of the more expensive heavy metal alloys. The uses of Tungsten Bars range from the aerospace industry to the automobile industry.

One of the greatest benefits of Tungsten Carbide Rods is their high density. It is 1.7 times as dense as lead, making it a perfect choice for racing car ballast. Another benefit of tungsten bars is their vibration absorption. This means that they are better at absorbing vibration than steel bars. Tungsten Alloy Rods are used for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace engineering, alloying, and radiation shielding. They are also used to manufacture guidance platforms and heat-resistant steels.

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Kencotube is a prominent manufacturer & trader of Tungsten Bars, which have a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number 74. Tungsten Round Bars are crafted using 4 Tungsten Ore at a Furnace and are used to make Tungsten Tier items, including the Tungsten Watch and Tungsten Chandelier. A hard, rare metal under standard conditions when un-combined, Tungsten Rods are found naturally on Earth almost exclusively in chemical compounds.

The free element in Tungsten Alloy Round Bars is remarkable for its robustness, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the elements discovered, melting at 3,422 degrees C, and 6,192 Degrees F. The high density of Tungsten Alloy Bars is 19.3 times that of water, comparable to that of uranium and gold, and much higher (about 1.7 times) than that of lead. Tungsten Alloy Rods are supplied by our facility located at the bulk of the world's tungsten source, which has the fabrication capacity to make precision machined tungsten parts and alloy parts according to your drawings.

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A tungsten round bar is a cylindrical shaped bar made of tungsten alloy, a metal known for its high density & melting point. Tungsten bar is used in applications where high strength and heat resistance are required.

The tungsten round bar has a high density (about 19.25g/cm³) and a high melting point (about 3410°C); it also has a low thermal expansion & high strength at high temperatures. Tungsten is also a corrosion-resistant as well as biocompatible material.

Tungsten round bar is used in various applications, including aerospace, electrical and electronic, and medical industries & it is commonly used in electrical contacts, radiation shielding, and X-ray equipment. It is also used in furnaces, heating elements, aerospace structures, high-temperature alloys bearing steels, automobiles, high-speed trains, and cutting-edge weapons.

Most of the Tungsten Round Bar products are made with a diameter range of 0.75mm to 127mm, length range of 3.81mm to 1000mm and under the standard ASTM B702.

Standard GB, ASTM
Model W1,W2, W-Alloy
Purity 99.95%min
Surface Polished or black surface
Processing Forged or Sintered

Physical Properties of Tungsten Bar

Density Melting Point Electrical Conductivity
19.3g/m3 3410℃ 31% IACS

Pure Tungsten Composition

Al Ca Fe Mg Ni Si C N O Mo W1
0.002 0.005 0.005 0.003 0.003 0.005 0.008 0.003 0.005 0.01 >=99.95%

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