What is Inconel 625 Used For?

Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium alloy is employed for its high strength, outstanding fabricability and excellent resistance to corrosion. Service temperatures range from cryogenic to 1800 degrees F (982 degrees C). Inconel 625 is resistant to corrosion and is used both for its high strength and outstanding resistance to aqueous corrosion. Due to the addition of niobium which acts with the molybdenum Inconel 625 has outstanding strength and toughness. Inconel 625 resists a wide range of severely corrosive environments especially pitting and crevice corrosion.

Inconel Alloys 625 is available in various forms such as pipes, tubes, round bars, fasteners, fittings, etc.

Uses of Inconel Alloy 625

Seawater Applications

Inconel alloy 625 exhibits excellent properties like pitting and crevice corrosion resistance, high corrosion-fatigue strength, high durability, and chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking resistance that make it a suitable choice for sea-water applications. It is used as wire rope, propeller blades for motor patrol gunboats, undersea communication cables.

Aerospace Applications:

Inconel alloy 625 has excellent features like High durability, high strength to creep, and rupture; outstanding fatigue and thermal-fatigue strength; oxidation resistance; and excellent weldability and traceability that make it suitable for use in the aerospace field. It is being used in such applications as aircraft ducting systems, engine exhaust systems, and thrust-reverser systems. It is also suitable for turbine seals, compressor vanes, combustion system transition liners, and thrust-chamber tubing for rocket

Nuclear Applications:

Inconel alloy 625 can be used in the nuclear field for reactor-core and control-rod components in nuclear water reactors. Inconel alloy 625 Round Bars can be used due to its high strength, excellent resistance to uniform corrosion, resistance to stress cracking and excellent pitting resistance in 500 degrees -600 degree F (260-316 degree C) water. Inconel 625 is also being considered because of its high allowable strength at elevated temperatures, especially between 1200 degrees -1400 degrees F (649-760 degree C).

Pressure Vessel Applications:

Inconel Round Bars have outstanding and versatile corrosion resistance under a wide range of temperatures and pressures which is the main reason for its widespread use in the chemical processing field. Because of its ease of fabrication, it is made into a variety of components for plant equipment. Its high strength enables it to be used, in thinner-walled vessels or tubing than possible with other materials, thus improving heat transfer and less weight. Some applications requiring the combination of strength and corrosion resistance offered by Inconel alloy 625 are bubble caps, tubing, reaction vessels, distillation columns, heat exchangers, transfer piping, and valves.